Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Louise is a lovely lady who has an AMAZING connection with spirit.
I had my first reading with Louise today and it’s given me soo much clarity with moving forward on my earth journey and closure for the past.
My spirit family made us both laugh but they also passed on messages to me that have given me warmth in my heart and insights into what lays ahead … opening the door to the future I am grateful to have been guided to have a reading with Louise.
Thank you for your invaluable connection Louise … 💖✨💜✨💖 xxx
Anna S.

Thank you so much Louise. My reading with you brought my family and I huge comfort. We’re all professionals of a certain age and as a result pretty cynical, but your knowledge was uncanny and bizarre and could not have come from anyone other than my lovely sister. Just to know she was there with me and was well and at peace was beyond by dreams. You won’t believe how much reassurance this has brought us all. Thank you so much xxx

K – Corsham

I went to see Louise yesterday after wondering what a reading could hold for me. I went with an open mind and to be honest some hopes that some questions in my life could be answered. Louise was utterly incredible in many ways, not only the powerful messages she was able to give me, but also as a gentle warm lovely person. I felt a trust and confidence in her and what she told me was so personal the experience has changed me and my life in a most positive way. She was able to give me a connection I never imagined possible. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Louise is amazing, I feel so thankful to her. My family also feel thankful to her and what she has given me.

S.S – Corsham

Having experienced two spiritual readings with Louise, both were amazingly fantastic.
The details given were so unbelievably true & I was given a specific message regarding my eldest daughter who they thought was in an unhappy relationship. Following the message advice & encouragement from myself my daughter is now in a new relation-ship & is happier than she has ever been. Thanks to spirit & Louise for looking out for us & our family, I am so grateful.

Tracey C – Corsham

Recently I saw Louise for the second time and again she made such an impact on my life. Louise is authentic, genuine and I’m so grateful she could share her gift with me. Her readings for me have been astonishingly accurate and makes me feel so happy thinking of all she told me. Aside from her amazing gift, Louise herself is a really lovely, compassionate & gentle person who makes you feel you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend her. 

JB – Corsham

Louise has a profound gift, and the information she gets is delivered with great empathy and sensitivity. A very good Medium!

Mike.S – Bath

I have seen Louise for several healing sessions and each time has been a unique experience. We have done various healing methods from attachment and chord cutting work and reiki. With Louise you will feel very safe and secure. Her voice is so soft and easy to listen to and to follow. The instructions she gives you to send you into that loving and beautiful place are clear and precise. If I am ever unsure of what I am seeing or hearing during a healing session, she can tune into my energy and confirm things using her guides, which is always helpful to confirm things. I always feel a sense of warmth, trust and love in her hands when she is healing or guiding me. When Louise is working you can feel that her healing energy comes from the heart, an energy so powerful and pure. When attending a healing session with Louise you just feel so relaxed, calm, and amazing afterwards. I can highly recommend a session (or more) with Louise.

Manda – Corsham

I have been a recipient of a number of healing therapies over the years from other practitioners but Louise’s healing is profound and powerful. Her psychic readings have also been so comforting & accurate. I have been particularly impressed with Rahanni Celestial healing in restoring my energy ‘life force’. I would highly recommend her services. She is kind & caring. Thank you.

L.C – Bath

Louise is one of the most honest gentle genuine people I know who works with love, peace and sincerity whether it be healing of giving a reading for someone I would highly recommend to anyone

Nicola.M – Wales

I highly recommend a reading from Louise. Her insights are amazing!!
She is vibrating in the frequency of love and I felt enwrapped by a warm hug while she was giving me all these wonderful , precise information and guidance. Her intuition is invaluable in helping you get things in the right perspective.
She gave me such a detailed reading for all the aspects of my life and was able to “see” everything without having any information about my personal life at all. I have felt very calm , optimistic and generally at a much higher level than I was before our session. I also am in much more peace with several incidents that happened in the past and the incredible thing is that she helped me leave them behind where they belong with her encouragement and tender advice.
I want to thank you Louise for your guidance once again , deeply grateful and I will definitely come back for another reading .
Most wonderful experience !!!

Maria H -Greece