one Hour –  Face to Face reading


30 min – Face to face Reading


One Hour Healing session


45 min Healing Session & 45 min Reading

( 1.5 hours in total)


30 min – Reading

Via Zoom, Messenger or Facetime


one hour – READING

Via Zoom, Messenger or Facetime



 Rahanni – “of one heart” – is a beautiful 5th dimensional gentle but very powerful healing modality of balance. It helps to release all fear based thinking and negativity by balancing the energetic body and opening you up to love, truth and compassion. It helps us with communication and to gain control over our lives. Rahanni healing gives you a huge sense of peace, tranquility and harmony filling you with love and positivity. It rebalances our masculine and feminine energy and helps to release negative energy built up over many lifetimes. Children especially enjoy this beautiful healing modality and respond well to the gentle energy. Rahanni works on a higher vibration reducing the healing time. Rahanni is a non invasive hands on healing. There may be occasions that more than one session will be required.

DISCLAIMER: Rahanni is a complementary therapy and works alongside conventional medicine. Clients will NEVER be told to discontinue their medication. I am not a medical professional or medically trained and as such cannot give medical advice. No claims are made with regards to the outcome.

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My readings are from the heart.  I work in a very gentle and sensitive way to reconnect you and your loved ones in the spirit world. a reading can be a very positive, powerful healing experience.

A spiritual reading can be a profound and life changing experience bringing a huge sense of comfort, clarity, healing and direction. 

My Spirit guides will also offer advice and support during a reading to help with the souls spiritual journey.  The joy of connecting two souls together once more is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

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my online spiritual development groups run on a four weekly basis. The courses are run using an online conferencing platform. They are suitable for complete beginners or those who have been developing their spiritual gifts for a while and are looking to practice with like minded people.

Each week there will be a  guided meditation,  exercises to help deepen your connection to your spirit guides, the spirit world and the energy that you work with. They are a friendly, safe, supported environment designed to give you the confidence to trust your intuition and develop your own gifts.

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I love teaching and passing on my experience and what I have learnt over the past twenty plus years.  It is such a joy for me to watch and support those I teach as they advance on their spiritual journey.

I work with students all over the world running workshops and helping others to connect with their spirit guides and understand the energy and mechanics of working as a medium.

My courses are certificated and approved by IPHM.

I also work with my partner Jonno Webster running development circles and trance workshops. He is a specialist in Remote Spirit Release Therapy, helping clients from around the world who suffer from negative feelings and thoughts , spiritual attachments, curses, hearing voices and much more. For more information please go to his website

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